Did you know there are now hundreds of new domain extensions other than .com, .net or .org?

They are also known as new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), some of them are cool, some are weird and strange, and Domainosity is your guide to them, as well as to the classic ones
Culture & humanities .actor ​.art ​.band ​.book ​.film ​.gallery ​.movie ​.music ​.photo ​.pictures ​.show ​.studio ​.theater ​.fun ​.lol ​ and more… Business & economy .associates ​.bank ​.broker ​.business ​.finance ​.money ​.realestate ​.trade ​.ventures ​.consulting ​ and more… Technology & internet .app ​.click ​.cloud ​.computer ​.data ​.digital ​.hosting ​.network ​.online ​.radio ​.systems ​.camera ​.car ​.moto ​.motorcycles ​ and more… Education & science .academy ​.college ​.courses ​.degree ​.education ​.mba ​.phd ​.prof ​.science ​.school ​.study ​.university ​.institute ​ and more… Health, fitness & sports .run ​.clinic ​.baseball ​.basketball ​.fan ​.football ​.golf ​.hockey ​.ski ​.soccer ​.sport ​.tennis ​.yoga ​.box ​ and more… News, media & communication .blog ​.guide ​.news ​.press ​.report ​.review ​.tips ​.weather ​.talk ​.page ​.reviews ​.rsvp ​.stream ​.read ​.author ​ and more… Geographic & ethnic .africa ​.amsterdam ​.barcelona ​.city ​.london ​.madrid ​.moscow ​.nyc ​.paris ​.sydney ​.tokyo ​.wien ​.boston ​.rio ​.kiwi ​ and more… Profession .accountant ​.actor ​.attorney ​.career ​.ceo ​.dentist ​.engineer ​.expert ​.lawyer ​.prof ​.vet ​.contractors ​.florist ​.doctor ​ and more… Travel & leisure .bingo ​.camp ​.cruise ​.dance ​.dating ​.fly ​.game ​.holiday ​.hotel ​.party ​.play ​.pub ​.yachts ​.boats ​ and more… Food, beverages & gastronomy .bar ​.beer ​.cafe ​.coffee ​.cooking ​.eat ​.food ​.grocery ​.kitchen ​.menu ​.pizza ​.recipes ​.restaurant ​.vodka ​.wine ​ and more… Lifestyle & fashion .beauty ​.community ​.democrat ​.fan ​.fashion ​.gay ​.lifestyle ​.style ​.boutique ​.clothing ​.cool ​.eco ​.sexy ​.tattoo ​.free ​ and more… Shopping & services .diamonds ​.watches ​.gifts ​.jewelry ​.shoes ​.silk ​.furniture ​.flowers ​.delivery ​.services ​.repair ​.luxe ​.tools ​.toys ​.training ​ and more… Universal .ing ​.new ​.onl ​.today ​.day ​.here ​.now ​.xyz ​.zone ​.final ​.circle ​.zero ​.like ​.fast ​ and more… Country code .uk ​.io ​.ly ​.tv ​.de ​.es ​.cz ​ and more… (brands & closed) .airbus ​.barclays ​.bentley ​.ferrari ​.honda ​.mattel ​.microsoft ​.nissan ​.volkswagen ​.walmart ​ and more…

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What is a top-level domain (TLD)?

TLD, sometimes called a domain extension, is the last part of a domain name (not the whole address). For illustration, the TLD for www.junglenavigator.com/faq/ is ".com".

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What is a generic top-level domain (gTLD)?

It is a TLD with at least 3 characters (e.g. .com) that operates directly under the policies established by ICANN processes for the global Internet community. Some can be used freely, some are reserved for special usage (e.g. .gov) and are called sponsored top-level domains (sTLD). Simply put, a generic TLD is any other than a country top-level domain (ccTLD).

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What is a country code top-level domain (ccTLD)?

It is a TLD used for a country a sovereign state, or a dependent territory, e.g. .at for Austria.

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Can I now register a second level domain under one of the new gTLDs?

Yes, those that are marked by an arrow are already registrable.

So, what is the purpose of this site?

This site gathers information (mostly) on new gTLDs and presents it in a convenient way so you won't miss out on the latest news from the great gTLD scramble. Watch this site and become aware of every change and chance arising around new gTLDs.

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